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Core Tech, Gas Fuel System Experts


Core Tech has developed a core competence around Gas & Liquid fuel, particularly in the heavy 6, 7, & 9 frame sizes. We've worked with partners like Woodward Governer, Nooney Controls, CoAx Valves & Vee Bee Filtration to offer comprehensive Gas Fuel Packages.

Core Tech also provides large Fire Suppression Skids to the Heavy Frame Market particularly Watermist or LP CO2 and HPCO2 or MAU Cabinets to the Industrial Power market. We can offer retrofits or new units in this field. Continue to browse our Products, Solutions, & Services to learn more about our experience in Gas Turbine applications.

  • Industrial Power

  • Aero-Derrivative

  • Heavy Frame

  • Combined Cycle

  • CCGT or CoGen

  • Simple Cycle

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