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The evolution of Core Tech has been from a Traditional Manufacturer's Rep, focused on the Power Gen Market. One of our early envoys into functioning as an OEM was our Parts Kitting business. Over the last 10 years, we've maintained double digit growth in this area & quadrupled our buying power among a diverse supply chain.

  • Light Assembly

  • Sourcing or PO Consolidation

  • Alternative or Second Sourcing

  • Balance of Plant Sourcing

  • Global Compliance

  • Special Packaging/Tagging

  • Engineering Services

  • Bill of Material Development

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We have strategic partnerships & a VAST GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN TO PROVIDE ELECTRICAL, MECHANICAL & INDUSTRIAL COMMODITIES.. We are an Authorized Distributor of the UTC line including Kidde Fire Systems, Chemetron, & Marrioff. As an integrator, we can supply light assemblies under this category of our business, such as Junction Boxes, Instrumentation or Control Panels. 

Beyond being a distributor or an integrator, Core Tech offers consolidation services for Balance of Plant sourcing or Factory Kits, designed specifically for shop floor to maximize productivity when a KANBAN system is not used & Just in Time (JIT) supply chain is implemented for production work flows.

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