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Mist Sanitization

Due to the recent COVID-19 concerns we are leveraging our knowledge and technology network to bring state of the art ultra fine misting by using oil free compressed air.

The simplicity of our solution in rapidly dispersing sanitization chemicals can help in many ways:

  • Rapid misting to eliminate unneeded manual wipe downs​

  • Faster treatments of large areas

  • 100% coverage without risk of human erro          ​​



Product Features

  • Continuous duty air compressor with regulator

  • Oil removal filter

  • Includes 25-foot power cable with GFI

  • Nozzle on tripod with handheld extension and 25 ft hose

  • 5-gallon liquid storage tank

  • Operating panel with on/off switch and 3 way flow control

Stay safe and save time!

MaxMist-4C does the work of four (4) hand-held sprayers.

Contact us at for more information, or to schedule a demonstration.

Price: $3,600

MaxMist Product Specifications

parameters typical applications.PNG

Any alcohol-free and non-flammable liquid with similar viscosity to water can be used in accordance with manufactures instructions and appropriate Personal Protect Equipment (PPE).


*Provided with 2 Nozzles:

  • ND 49: Larger volume room misting due to directional dispersion

  • ND 62: Fast Misting in smaller areas (e.g. mass transit vehicles)

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